Like so many great stories, ours began with a journey. After an awe inspiring off-road trip on the Trans-America Trail, founder Jacob Ballard was taken by the call of the wild. Astonished by the scenery, he felt compelled to not only tell the story of these places, but to promote their preservation as well.

And thus began the journey of Nature Bound Co., a unique apparel brand committed to sustainable sourcing, giving back to local communities, and educating the next generation of adventurers. We don’t just make and sell awesome T shirts (though that’s certainly a big part of it!), we also strive to inspire and educate all those who will listen about the beauty and ever evolving majesty of the great outdoors.


Born from a love of all things wild and sustainable, Nature Bound Co is committed to ethically-sourced threads and coffee, high-quality merchandise, personalized designs, and environmental education.


  • National Parks
  • Back Country Camping
  • Gourmet Camp Meals
  • Rescuing Dogs
  • Home Gardening
  • Craft Coffee
  • Sustainable Farming

Nature Is

It is a fact of life that we could not exist without the nature all around us. Protecting our lands, cleaning up after ourselves, and preserving the nature that surrounds us are extremely important. Now more than ever, preserving our lands is critical. Our goal with Nature Bound Co. is to make nature inspired merchandise that brings attention and awareness to these awe-inspiring places.

Our company may be young, but we are determined to make a difference and protect the wild places we hold dear. In our quest to do just that, we work with OneTreePlanted to plant a tree every time a t-shirt is sold online.

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All Of Our Merchandise
We Print Ourselves With Love

We carefully print each and every shirt, sticker, postcard, and hat right here in-house. While nature is certainly our passion, printing is in our blood.

Founder Jacob Ballard has been printing merchandise for over 10 years, and we use that experience with every product we produce. We guarantee 100% satisfaction for every product we offer, and if your purchase doesn’t meet your expectations, send it back to receive a full refund.

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