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Plants a Tree

Plant A Tree With Nature Bound Co.

We understand the important role that trees play in our ecosystem. Trees improve our air quality by providing us with oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and provide protection and nourishment for us and the animals with which we cohabitate the world. With constant deforestation, 3.5 – 7 billion trees are cut down every year. Deforestation is ruining our air quality, taking shelter away from animals, and reducing the amount of carbon that can be naturally cleaned from the atmosphere. It’s even We know that it’s paramount to keep planting trees not just to preserve our favorite places, but for the survival of our planet.

That’s why we are donating $1 for every shirt we sell online to One Tree Planted, a US based non-profit that plants one tree for every dollar donated. Our goal is to plant 500 trees a year! A hefty goal, to be sure, but you can help us meet that goal and help the environment when you buy one of our awesome shirts!

Here Are Some Fun Facts About
One Tree Planted

  • You get to choose where they plant your donation! By shopping with you are helping us reforest our beautiful backyard- Appalachia!

  • They plant only native trees that support the natural ecosystem- no invasive species here!

  • The trees are started as saplings by a nursery that has partnered with One Tree Planted and then planted during the rainy season so they are more likely to take root and grow.

  • One Tree Planted hires local people to do the planting so they are not just creating forests, but also jobs!

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